AtEdible, the team

We are a multidisciplinary team with experience in the development of sustainable and resilient projects. These projects enable us, as a society, to adapt to the changing world in which we currently live.

We were formed in the oldest and most prestigious universities in Chile and Australia: Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Concepción and the University of Melbourne. Our team has a solid professional and ethical formation, and our specialities include Engineering, Physics, the Environment and Web Development.

The AtEdible team is constantly working to develop and potentiate resilient communities, capable of successfully thriving in the challenging world we live today.

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What is AtEdible?

How was AtEdible conceived?

The idea behind AtEdible was formulated merging the experiences of the team in different areas of the world in the topics of sustainability, food and agriculture.

We believe that food is one of the pillars of sustainability. Currently there is a huge disconnection between the people that produce and consume food. This is visible in the enormous supply chains, nutritional problems, and the global environmental crisis, among others.

AtEdible will serve as a bridge between different stakeholders, as an instrument that will unite us on the goal of achieving a more sustainable and healthy food system.

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