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Excellent advice from young #GISTTechI entrepreneurs will inspire you

On June the 4th several teams from around the world, all of them semi-finalist for the GIST Tech-I 2015, gathered on twitter to have a chat about #entrepreneurship #startups and #ideas.

From all around the globe they answered 9 questions and gave us tons of inspirational quotes, great advice and insights.

Hosted by the GIST Tech-I Initiative and the chat gave space for fabulous answers. We handpicked some of them (we cannot make this post infinite, sorry if yours is not here, you can leave a comment!!!)

Q1: Growing up, what made you interested in Science, Technology and innovation?

Q2: How would you define entrepreneurship?

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Q3: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Q4: Is there a large and supportive entrepreneurship community in your country?


Maybe one of the most amazing questions

Q5: As a young entrepreneur, what do you think can be done to inspire others to become innovators?


Q6: What tools do young people need to be entrepreneurs?





Q7: What are some barriers that you have faced and how did you overcome them?



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Q8: Who inspires you?



Q9: If you have one message for anyone out there who has an idea but doesn’t know whether to try, what would it be?


If you want to know more about the GIST Tech-I initiative and #StartTheSpark check this post. If you want to vote for one these amazing projects =>

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