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Food waste, a global problem we can help to mitigate

Food loss and food waste are problems that shouldn’t exist in our society. In the world we produce more than enough food to feed everyone, yet at the same time there are almost a billion of hungry people.

Up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed by people, around 1.3 billion tons per year are wasted. According to the FAO, recovering just half of what is lost or wasted could feed the world.

Food is lost or wasted in different stages of the food supply chain, from the apples that are considered to ‘ugly’ to sell, to that mouldy bread sitting in your fridge.

To reduce food waste, we have to focus in many phases: harvesting, storage, packing, transport, infrastructure, market / price mechanisms, as well as institutional and legal frameworks.

AtEdible will help to reduce food waste, delivering the appropriate information to producers, so they know beforehand what and how much to harvest and sell. As producers and consumers will be directly linked, this will significantly reduce the need for storage and packaging.

Help us make AtEdible a reality and reduce food waste.

Food waste is not only a waste of food, but also the resources needed to produce it: water, land, energy and many inputs that release greenhouse gases in vain.

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